Greetings from the icier hellhole
“You seem a decent fellow," Inigo said. "I hate to kill you."
You seem a decent fellow," answered the man in black. "I hate to die.”

October 2014



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Greetings from the icier hellhole
“You seem a decent fellow," Inigo said. "I hate to kill you."
You seem a decent fellow," answered the man in black. "I hate to die.”

October 2014



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Jun. 6th, 2020

[info]dreadpirate : The Coles Notes

Jan. 1st, 2015


Book Bingo! )

Oct. 6th, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Day four, five and six

Oh weekends. So much going on, so little time :/. If you had told me a year and a half ago that my idea of a good time on Sunday was to get up early to go run 5k around Halifax I would have said you were crazy. And yet ... that is what I did on Sunday, in a breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

(Saturday was a housewarming party, which was fun but not too much fun because- early morning race day on Sunday.)

So three days of the meme in one. Maybe I can stay on track after this. Maybe.

4. Best Halloween/Fall themed food )

5. Your first horror movie )

6. What type of monster do you want to be? )

Oct. 3rd, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Day One, Two, and Three

1. Favorite Halloween movie

What could it beeeee? )

2. Halloween costume this year

Because I am on a budget (boo) I am re-using two years ago costume. I am a pirate!

Boo! Image + gif behind the cut )

3. Favorite Horror movie

don't go out tonight, it might just take your life ... )

The Celery Stalks at Midnight

It's October (and has been for three days ... whooppss.) All I want to do is read scary stories and watch scary movies.


Business as usual then.


1. Favorite Halloween movie
2. Halloween costume this year
3. Favorite Horror movie
4. Best Halloween/Fall themed food
5. Your first horror movie
6. What type of monster do you want to be?
7. Favorite Halloween character
8. One of your paranormal experiences
9. Do you believe in witchcraft?
10. Best costume you’ve ever worn
11. Favorite candy
12. How you act when watching a scary movie
13. Best pumpkin carving you’ve done
14. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
15. Halloween decoration tips
16. What do you use to hold candy when you trick or treat?
17. Your Halloween traditions
18. Best Halloween pranks or dares
19. Biggest fear
20. Best TV show Halloween episode
21. Opinion on October weather
22. First Halloween costume
23. Worst Halloween candy
24. Trick or treating OR Halloween party?
25. Favorite Halloween song
26. Have you ever used a Ouija board? Experiences?
27. Halloween costume last year
28. Your Halloween plans this year
29. Some Halloween Events you attend
30. Favorite Halloween animal
31. Why do you love Halloween?

Sep. 19th, 2014

Have you ever considered piracy? You'd make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts.



(For reals I am so tried I just want to go home and watch The Princess Bride and sleep on my couch. I might follow it up with Jaws because - Quint is like a pirate? Only - not? Whatever it is a Jaws or Aliens kind of night. "Farewell and adieu to you, Spanish ladies", and "there coming out of the goddamn walls," indeed.)

Sep. 9th, 2014


Okay look - some things really ring my bells so to speak, and I've been reading about the Franklin exhibition since I was a kid and borrowed one of my dads National Geographic that ran a story on it.

In recent years I enjoyed Dan Simmon's take on the story, and went to an exhibit that came to Halifax and now -

They have found one of the ships!

My little nerd heart sings out in "omg weee!"

Also making me nerd out - going to see GoTG again tonight. Good times!

Aug. 21st, 2014

new wheels

I feel .... hungover but I haven't had a drink since my vacation. Lame body. Lame.

Buuuuuuttt ...

large image, too lazy to re-size )

Aug. 7th, 2014


Dear Terminator Franchise,

We've had some ups and downs you and I.

But calling your new film Genisys I just - no. No. Spell it right :/. I can deal (mostly) with the inexplicable timeline, and deal with the fact that it's going to become even more convoluted but - spell it right.

(It looks silly.)

(who is a cranky, cranky, cranky nerd today.)

Aug. 2nd, 2014

We've been going about this all wrong. This Mr. Stay Puft's okay!

I should say that I did get to eat at Ivan Reitman's restaurant and got to snack on the (amazing) desert tribute to Stay Puff. The food was so good. Although it was a bit fancier (a lot fancier) then places I normally eat.

So the waitress is asking us how we found out the place and my sister is all; oh my sister is a huge Ghostbusters fan so she wanted to come. And the server is all oh, did you know Ivan is here tonight? He's just over there.

And he was like three tables away. And I contained myself and did not bother the nice man having dinner.

It was a weekend of Canadian Celebrity brushes man, although that wins over Degrassi kids, CBC stars (sorry), and Rick The Temp (okay he's Rick Campanelli now, and on Canadian ET, but he'll always be Much Music's Rick The Temp to me.)

Jul. 18th, 2014


One week! 4:30 EST next Friday I leave for Toronto! It's only until Monday but I'm off work from noon of the 25th until the 4th of August. Wooo!

And until then -- well I might have to log in some overtime hours at work. Woo?

Jul. 15th, 2014


I have no idea how it will work. It will likely be a train wreck, and I've never been a huge fan of the GB comics but ...

Ghostbusters meet TMNT. It's happening. In comic form.

It's like - I'm pretty sure I played this game with my friends when I was a kid. I'm like 99% sure we played this out.

Jul. 11th, 2014


Ahaha, so I got Wonder woman Unbound - The Curious History of the World's Most Famous Heroine out from the library because - why not? I like comics, I like books, I like books about comic characters! So I was reading the back today and the author *Tim Hanley) blurb says; " a comic book historian."

I would love that job.

Dude is also apparently from Nova Scotia so - that might be why the library had it.
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Jul. 9th, 2014

[No Subject]

Super Hero Girl and Faith Erin Hicks remain one of my favorite things.

(Man, if I go to Hal-Con this year I should so dress up as her. Super Hero Girl - not Faith Erin Hicks.)

Jul. 7th, 2014

Monday Whine-age

Point form because lazy.

* I got a lot of sun yesterday, and felt really sick last night. Not cool & my own fault.

* Saturday was my Grandmothers 87th birthday. It was fun! We went over and had food (despite the tropical storm goings on) and then because she had said she wanted to watch a movie, we watched A League Of Their Own. Let me tell you, trying to pick a movie (from my collection) that my grandma would find appropriate? Haaarrrdd. Especially when my mom calls me an hour before we she's coming to pick me up, asking me to find something. Anyway, 'twas a hit, so woo!

* I have two passes / ticket things to go see the "17 mins of IMAX footage" of Guardians of The Galaxy tonight but I don't know if I'll get to go. Getting to the theater is a pain, I still don't feel great, and - and this is the big thing. No one wants to go with me. I get sort of anxious about things sometimes and this is kicking off my anxiety - the idea of going alone to a crowded thing. I don't know I might be able to talk myself into it by this evening.

Jul. 4th, 2014

Happy Friday!

I hope those that celebrate are having a safe, fun, and dry fourth of July. And those that aren't, I hope your Friday is safe, fun, and dry. (Unless you know rain is your thing, or you need rain because of a drought - then I hope it rains. Basically I hope the weather is whatever you wish it to be okay?)

Tropical Storm Andrew ARTHUR * (because by the time it hits that cold off the coast of NS Atlantic water it will downgrade to a tropical storm) is set to hit here tomorrow morning. Apparently wind will be the issue in Halifax - so good times. Good times. I am hoping for good / power says on times, but I have my ereader charged, my candles out, my lighter ready and my flashlight ready to go.

* I was calling it Anthony last night. Now Andrew. But it is Arthur. Geez.

Jun. 30th, 2014

TOMORROW (aka this is a Canadian musican post)


Things like freeeee concerts make me happy, as free is pretty much my budget right now. Plus: fireworks [it's Canada Day], plus Wednesday is my Wednesday off so three day work week and yeeeesss. And Sam Roberts concerts make me happy in general, We Were Born in A Flame and Love At The End Of the World came along at just the right time in my life. I LOVE Collider and while I'm a bit eh on Chemical City * and Lo-Fantasy the idea of hearing some of my fave songs? Yeeessss.

I figure for sure we will hear "The Canadian Dream" since you know - Canada Day.

Sadly Matt Mays is not in town, so I don't foresee SPECIAL GUEST Matt Mays. Ahh well. Crossing my fingers for Matt or Joel Plaskett for Natal Day!

* I was at a concert once and Sam said some people call it 'Chemical Shitty' but no, Sam it's not that bad!

Jun. 26th, 2014

"Santa Carla's become a haven for the undead. "

I need to stop reading books where awful things happen, like people die because of awful plagues and humanity crumbles (no zombies, just a plague. ) I just – I need to read something happy damnit. I’ve been on this mystery kick which is great but it’s like – well the mystery is HOW DID THIS PERSON DIE!?.

So next book: something happy. So that means Mr. Mercedes and Bird Box go on hold because no happy there.

I should also probably cut back on the horror movies but then what would I watch? And I have tickets to a screening of The Sacrament by Ti West for tonight. It’s being show in the basement of the Natural History Museum where they have a kind of auditorium, but still. Basement. Of a museum.

Nothing bad could ever happen.*

Also sometimes I love how Canadian Canada is ( from a larger story about spending in Toronto):

"...He also learned that it spent $470,000 to clad a pavilion at neighbouring Sherbourne Common in zinc shingles — some of which now have to be replaced at the city’s expense because they were damaged by pucks fired from an adjacent ice rink (which doubles as a splash pad in summer). It was intended for skating, not hockey.

This being Canada, hockey was played.

Never change Canada. Never change.

* Said everyone who got gutted in Relic I'm sure.

Jun. 6th, 2014

mostly dead

I like how I was all "buy a perm account - never use it." SMART MOVE KELLY :/

So getting back into the journal thing. Probably. Maybe. At least reading my friends page.

But in the name of trying to get back into the swing of things random things:

- I am taking up yoga and OW. OW. I may be doing it wrong. I've been to one of the free sessions work offers, signed up for the class at the yoga studio by me, and am using a DVD to practice at home. In a related note: Ripley feels the yoga mat is for her to sleep on.

- Signing up for a half marathon in October. Which means - all running all the time, and actually sticking to this eating healthy and eating better plan. Booo.

- Desperately need to update my book bingos.

- PIGEONS. PIGEONS everywhere. Or at least nesting all over peoples decks in the building, I am nest free, but the (giant) things keep perching on my deck and pooping on in :(. Its not as bad as my downstairs neighbor who has a nest and much more bird poop to deal with. The supper says pest control people will be by "as soon as they can" but he said that two days ago .... anyways they are big and scary and just stare at me when I yell "SHOO" at them from the inside of my condo. (And then they fly off when Ripley throws herself against the deck door like a crazed animal.)

Apr. 14th, 2014

to you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high*


Time to break out the Price jersey, and my lucky Habs pom pom socks. Time to cheer and keep hope alive that it might just be like 93 and the cup will go home to Montreal (not - likely.) But hey - at least the Leafs aren't in it!

It's also that time - when I get frantic texts from other countries, where my dad is vacationing needing to know what the score of games are.


(*And yes, that is a quote from Flanders Fields. Yes. It is painted on the walls of the Habs dressing room.)